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Birthdate:Aug 15
Charles Butler
From London.
Lives currently in Ireland.

Mun and Muse above 21.

Charles is a very successful businessman.
With the deterioration of his family, he has just made it through one of the hardest years of his life and is currently searching for some sort of rejuvenation. A reason to keep on. Though he is superficially charming, Charles is an extremely private and distinctly disturbed man who has a hard time connecting with people on a deep, truthful level. He keeps his secrets close to heart and has a severe intolerance for the insolence of others. Though he has anger management problems, he's gone through extensive therapy to try and quell his at times raging temper.
You've caught him in a transitional period.

Warning for SmuttySWS: Charles can do extreme kink (BUT IT ISN'T AT ALL REQUIRED)and has lots of anger "triggers". Very dominant quality. So warning. Mun will never do something against another mun's want for their character, though.
He's also not quick to jumping bones.

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